Expert Eye Doctors in Indianapolis–Carmel–Muncie IN

Expert Eye Doctors in Indianapolis–Carmel–Muncie IN

Neuro-Developmental, Pediatric, and Rehabilitation Optometrists

Dr. Cynthia J. Frischmann

Primary Care & Eye Specialist Optometrist in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Cynthia Jay Frischmann is a Indianapolis native growing up and attending schools on the Northeast side of the city. After graduating Indiana University, she received her Doctorate from the Illinois College of Optometry then returned to the Indianapolis to practice full scope optometry with specialties. She worked in two private optometry practice for eight years before founding the Indiana EyeCare Center. She was instrumental in the location and design of the current present facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Treatment of Developmental Visual Learning Disabilities

In 1993, Dr. Frischmann began specializing in the treatment and management of developmental vision disorders which effect learning disabilities and learning challenges. She has continued to concentrate on helping children and adults of all ages with learning related vision disorders. Contact her office to find out more about this area of care.

Sports Vision Training Eye Specialist

In addition, at the same time in 1993, Dr. Frischmann began specializing in the testing and training of the visual difficulties which effect sports performance. She is one of the few doctors in the Indianapolis area who specializes in these areas of vision care and visual function. Patients who seek these types of specialized care range from those who are recovering from a traumatic brain injury or another type of traumatic indury or those who suffer from a hidden vision problem which interferes with near work and/or effective learning, as well as regular people or athletes who want to heighten their visual performance in their particular sport or recreational activity. Through an individually doctor designed vision therapy program and with guidance of a trained vision therapist, certain activities and exercises help a patient teach himself or herself better visual awareness, control and freedom.

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